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AIMS (the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers) is an association representing medium and small independent businesses in the slaughtering and further processing sector. Members of AIMS make up the major proportion of the medium and small sized slaughtering and processing sector in England & Wales.

Our members serve livestock farmers' whole range of needs and satisfy consumer requirements through the huge range of outlets being retail butchers, major retailers seeking local and regional product, local and national catering outlets, farm shops, schools, hospitals and the whole range of institutional outlets. Delivering exports also represents an extremely important part of the role of AIMS member plants.

Small and medium sized abattoirs deal with over 50% of the nation's animals including traditional, ethnic and other specialist market requirements.


believes that the UK has become more susceptible to food frauds in recent years, not because of a lack of clarity over the responsibilities of Government departments or the 2010 machinery of Government changes, but the Food Standards Agency (FSA) losing sight of the roles given to it by Parliament and expending most it its resource and energy on the delivery of non risk-based controls in meat plants, a function not appropriate for a Government department.

AIMS is voted Best Trade Association of the Year
Leading from the front

From its launch in 2001 AIMS has grown steadily to become a significant force for the meat industry, focusing government agencies, demanding that common sense prevails, saving businesses money and ensuring its members voices are heard at the highest level.

AIMS now represents a significant majority of the slaughtering and processing industry across all sectors in both red and white meat. It has a main board offering strength and depth, a technical team that is both proactive and reactive and a legal service that is second to none.

Over the last two years AIMS has worked on the ground to develop an excellent relationship with the FSA at operational level whilst it kept up the pressure on the Agency’s former CEO and chair to stop its anti-industry campaigning and return to its proper role as industry regulator.

AIMS now has a strong relationship with the FSA at the highest level but plenty more work to do following the general election and whether Defra sees a long term future for commercial livestock production, which would of course have a huge impact on processors, large and small.


“It’s just great to have the work done by AIMS acknowledged by industry. I think we have achieved some fantastic things over the past few years and our membership has grown steadily over that time. However, there are still plenty of challenges out there, so upwards and onwards!”
Norman Bagley, head of policy at AIMS

“Winning this award is excellent news. We have a great team on board and we have demonstrated to both our members and the wider meat industry that we can react quickly, lead from the front and are continually in touch with tomorrow’s issues today. This is a tribute to the whole team.”
John Thorley, OBE, chairman of AIMS

AIMS logo
AIMS logo

ennovation solutions ltd

ennovation solutions ltd

ennovation solutions has worked with AIMS, since the launch, developing the AIMS web site.

ennovation solutions would now like to extend this working relationship to all AIMS members. To reflect our long-term relationship with AIMS we can offer AIMS members a discount of 20% off our services.

Like it or not, it is now an accepted part of business life that web sites and other internet technologies are a good way of marketing your business and talking to your customers. We are a small team of specialists dealing with small and medium sized businesses in the rural sector. We are used to dealing with people - from those with little or no technical knowledge, to those who have a good grasp of technical issues.

We know technology can be a daunting subject, so we work with you to ensure that this is no longer the case. We remove the "worry" element by: getting to know your business processes; listening to your needs; and, suggesting, agreeing and implementing solutions with you.

Then we give you the backup you need to ensure everything runs smoothly and you and your staff are fully trained.

We don't baffle people with technical jargon, if you have a question, ask it, don't be afraid (no matter how basic you think it is), we have probably been asked it before and will be happy to answer it for you.

Also we pride ourselves on the fact that our after sales backup and support is recognised as being second to none.

As a company we believe

  • technology doesn’t have to be expensive
  • technology doesn't have to be difficult
  • technology doesn't have to be frightening

If you would like more information about the AIMS Members offer or to speak to someone please contact Mark Thomas

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