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What we do

AIMS (the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers) is an association representing medium and small independent businesses in the slaughtering and further processing sector. Members of AIMS make up the major proportion of the medium and small sized slaughtering and processing sector in England & Wales.

Our members serve livestock farmers' whole range of needs and satisfy consumer requirements through the huge range of outlets being retail butchers, major retailers seeking local and regional product, local and national catering outlets, farm shops, schools, hospitals and the whole range of institutional outlets. Delivering exports also represents an extremely important part of the role of AIMS member plants.

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Corporate Structure

Board Members:

Chairman: John Thorley OBE
Treasurer Michael Armstrong
  Alison Brand
  Adam Cheale
  Peter Hewson
  Rizvan Khalid
  Charles Kirkpatrick
  Stephen Lomax
Company Secretary: Norman Bagley


Head of Policy: Norman Bagley
Technical/Legal Adviser: Stephen Lomax
Consultant: Peter Hewson



AIMS is a trade association established in 2001 to represent small and medium sized abattoirs in the independent red meat sector. Starting with 50 founder members AIMS has grown to over 250 members in England and Wales. The scope of the Association now covers medium and small abattoirs, cutting plants, catering butchers and further processors in the red, white meat and game sectors.